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One of the Oldest Delaware Race Cars Comes Home!

Sometimes you do not find the race cars, they find you! Such was the case with this 1937 Ford. Originally driven by "Speedy" Jester in the 1950's the car went through a chain of owners throughout it's life and ended up with Billy Towers and painted as the #2. The car was then used in the 1976 Warner Brothers movie "Greased Lightning". Some how the car ended up in NC about 80 miles form me and the owner knowing my love for all things Delaware related contacted me out of the blue. A deal was stuck and the car now resides in the museum as an original example of racing in the 50s. The car has been mechanically restored to period correct specs and will remain in it's preserved state. When we get the #42 of Horace Williams completed the two with be displayed side by side! This one is special and is thought to be one of the oldest existing race cars from Delaware.

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