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Museum adds long lost #14 Bob Toreky Ramp truck to Collection

After years off looking to add an authentic Ramp Truck to the museum collection we have finally located the original #14 hauler of Bob Toreky. The search for a truck began years ago. At first the museum just wanted a Ramp Truck for display. While looking at various trucks all over the country someone said that they knew where the original #14 hauler was. After some looking and research the truck was discovered in Connecticut and remained in the capable care of a racing family! Rod Seller and the Blanchette family were most kind and through many conversations we were able to strike a deal and reunite the truck with the #14 Olsen Eagle it used to haul from NJ to DE on a regular basis. After getting the truck transported to the museum in NC we are planning on addressing some rust issues in the floor and doors and hope to have her good as new by the Fall. We plan on this being the center piece of our new museum in the future. Stay tuned on the progress as many thing are happening at the museum including: future expansion and becoming a 501c3 non-profit to give tax write offs for donations. Many thanks to Rod and his family for all there help on this project. Hopefully the big red truck will be hauling race cars for many more years to come!

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