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Culver Auto Racing Museum has received approval and is now a 501c3 non-profit organization!

The Culver Auto Racing Museum has recently passed two major milestones on its way to becoming one of the premier Motorsports Museums in the country. Director of the museum Chad Culver explains,

"By joining the National Association of Automobile Museums we can align our museum with the same standards as some of the Nations best and most well respected car museums. Our goal is to not just be a racing museum focused on grass roots racing throughout America. Eventually we want to be the best museum that sets the standard on preserving our Nation's rich racing history. Getting approved for 501c3 non-profit status will allow use to give proper tax write offs for donations to the museum whether that be monetary or for various items that are donated to the museum. The approval of our non-profit status will also help protect the collection for future generations and assure the collection will remain intact. I started this journey in 2006 with a rusty old race car and the dream of doing a book to preserve some of Delaware's racing history. Now we have over fifteen vehicles in the museum along with hundreds of racing artifacts. We are also getting ready to publish our fourth book on racing. It has been a surreal journey!"

When asked about the next steps and the future for the museum Culver looks forward to what the future has in store.

"Our most immediate need is a bigger building. Right now we have a nice place but we are quickly approaching its maximum capacity. We look forward to expanding so that we can add more racing history to our museum and keep moving towards our goal of becoming one of the premier racing museums in the country. We have had visitors from all over the country come to the museum and we want to keep our tradition of preserving racing history alive for all to enjoy."

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